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Just a spoonful of elderberry

keeps the doctor away...

Why My Elderberry Syrup?

In my hand-crafted, small-batch elderberry syrup, I have captured the power of the elderberry. Combined with an array of organic herbs, spices and dried elderberries, I've created a well-balanced and delicious syrup that is sweetened with raw local honey! My recipes are safe for everyone, from infants to the elderly. It is my hope and prayer that just a spoonful of elderberry every day will assist your family in keeping the doctor away!

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The elder bush and its healing properties have been around for generations, spanning across hundreds of cultures.  According to old folklore, it is common to plant elder in your garden to watch over the other plants in your area.  It has been used as protection, good luck, and in many cultures, is considered a natural medicine chest.  

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According to research conducted by John Moody, author of "The Elderberry Book," the elderberry is a super fruit that has been packing a strong punch in a tiny berry for over 9000 years of human use. It is high in phytochemicals, vitamins, nutrients, and particularly high in antioxidants. Studies show that the "elderberry's oxygen radical absorbance capacity score is twice that of blueberries and three in a half times of raspberries and strawberries"(p. 28). 


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Research shows that elderberry syrup is effective at shortening the duration of the flu and and minimizes flu symptom severity by half. Elderberry fights hundreds of ailments and sicknesses, including upper respiratory illnesses, measles, and mumps. It's a natural laxative and diuretic, and provides anti-inflammatory healing in the body.


Giving Back on Every Sale


To help fight the epidemic, a portion of every sale at Spoonful of Elderberry goes directly to The Refuge. The Refuge is a Christian ministry helping men and women break free from drug addiction through discipleship. The Refuge offers a safe space for both men and women to discover God and learn unconditional love and acceptance. The program they offer is completely free and teaches leadership, love, and and acceptance so they can change their lives and live in a community of believers as a believer. 

Real Stories. Real Results.


Brian Fox

"Ashley's elderberry syrup is like heaven's nectar. I drink it everyday."

Customer since 2018

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