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Meet Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley! I have four beautiful children that call me “mama”, Willow, age 9, Sage, age 7 and  Maple, age 4 and Cedar, age 2. I’m married to my best friend Jason; 17 years and counting, and I’m a servant of my Lord and Savior! We choose to live simply and we love our family-centric town of Grove City, on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio! I grew up in this area and cherish the community that we live in with all my heart. My love of natural remedies and helping others began back in my childhood. My best childhood memories are spending my summers in Virginia at my Grandparents lake house. I remember gardening with my Grandma and helping her pick tomatoes. Looking back now I realize my Grandma was beyond the times with her notions of natural remedies. Like my Grandma,  I am a nurturer and provider at heart and a protector of my children and their health and education. I am a homebody and my love language is quality time! You’ll most likely find me gardening, cooking, canning, sampling through farmers markets, playing princess with my girls, painting nails or playing trucks and blocks with Cedar. I also love to read! 


My husband and I live with a guiding philosophy that we are born healthy and it’s up to us to maintain it. While we strive to live in a toxin-free and organic world, we also realize that baby steps form strong and lasting habits! We live by the 80/20 rule: 80 percent healthy choices, 20 percent give a little. One of the baby steps was adding elderberry syrup to our family’s medicine chest. I began making elderberry syrup to keep my family healthy after researching the many benefits of elderberries. One day, I had a few extra jars and I posted them for friends and family on social media, ending up with a flood of interest! What started out as a way to keep my own family healthy turned into a desire to help our entire community with the health of theirs. Spoonful of Elderberry started in our home and has been a family effort. It helps teach our girls to serve others out of love with something you love to do through hard work, responsibility, and helpfulness. 


Spoonful of Elderberry has some BIG goals for 2023-2024. The past few years were tough as a natural health small business owner in a post Covid world. I personally went through a phase where I wasn't sure I wanted to continue with my business. Leading a homeschool co-op, helping in our family Chiropractic office and just the overwhelming demand of life with four littles I felt maybe it was time to sell.  Not feeling totally at peace with selling my business I began praying for God to move in my heart and show me a way back to the original passion and desire to serve that I felt when I started this business. And God did just that! My passion is back and I am rebuilding. We are starting in a new commercial kitchen space, working on new retail locations and expanding our community imprint on blessing others through local charities and community events. My goal is to continue to grow our small business and help more families find a more natural way to stay healthy. It's true, the saying "it takes a village," because it really does. This is where you come in, my customers, my village. It is my promise to always provide you with the absolute best syrup using only the best organic ingredients and made with the most love and intention as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I adore doing this. I adore this life of servitude and adore my clients as if they were family. Thank you for the inspiration to create this little business of mine. For the courage to keep growing and for the support from our community. I thank God everyday for the blessings that he has bestowed on my family and have promised him that I would help grow his kingdom through those blessings. I hope that you feel the love that goes into every bottle of elderberry syrup that we make and the encouragement I share to keep your family as healthy as can be with just a Spoonful of Elderberry!   




The Father of Medicine>


Boil the leaves of the elder tree and of the fleabane that is always tender, and give thee to the patient to drink.

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